Corvin sétány 116/b Residential Building

1082 Budapest, Corvin sétány 116/b

This building was a part of a monumental long-term town rehabilitation project ‘’Corvin Sétány Program’’ in the city of Budapest, in the ‘Józsefváros’ area which was started in 2003.

After winning the architectural competition for the second element of the six residential blocks in the program, we designed this building with 350 flats, shops on the promenade front and two storey garages in the basement levels.

Surrounded by two narrow streets, a promenade and a fire wall, the building frames a green garden for the residents, which also becomes part of the Corvin Promenade visually through a huge hole on the promenade-facade. Along the fire wall, a fitness club and a swimming-pool was created in a lower building part.

Four staircases with lobbies serve the residents. Each flat can be reached from the promenade entrance as well as the side streets and the car-park levels.

The flats were designed according to the developer’s standards and preferred flat-mix.