Corvin Sétány 119/a Residential Building

1082 Budapest, Corvin sétány 119/a

This building was a part of a monumental long-term town rehabilitation project ‘’Corvin Sétány Program’’ in the city of Budapest, in the ‘Józsefváros’ area which was started in 2003.

Based on the success of Corvin Sétány 116b we were invited to another competition by the same developer for the third element of the project, Corvin Sétány 119a, with 250 flats, shops and two underground car park levels. Our entry was successful.

On its special “L” shape building site which is framed by three streets and the Promenade, we created a new and interesting building structure: All the flats open to the streets and the Promenade, while there is a 4m wide gap between the back of the building and the neighbouring firewalls with open corridors leading to the flats. The corridors are covered with a glass structure, which gives a face to the building towards the centre of the block, which is several levels lower.

Three staircases and lobbies serve the corridors, and all staircases can be approached from the Promenade.

Our plans show stone cladding on the towers, but because of the economic crisis it has been replaced by standard rendered facades.

The flats were designed according to the developer’s standards and preferred flat-mix.

The two raised gardens above the first two floors along the Promenade and Leonardo da Vinci street provide outstandingly spacious views towards the Promenade and the narrow street.