Főnix Hall at Debrecen

4028 Debrecen, Kassai út 28.

The story starts in 2001, when Budapest Sports Hall burned down to the ground. At that time it was the only Coliseum big enough to organise the 2002 World Gymnastics Championships in. Hungary had the privilege to organize this event and did not want to withdraw from this opportunity.

The town of Debrecen took the chance to build a new arena based on the designs of an existing arena built in Tallinn, Estonia in 2000. by the Finnish Architects PRO-ARK OY. This was 8 months before the World Championships!

The original plans were altered in many ways because of the different local regulations and changes in the Developer’s needs. Much of this work was done while construction works were already on the way.

This couldn’t have been made possible without the local Contractor, KEVIÉP and their construction engineer, Peter Tóth.

It was the icing on the cake that Szilveszter Csollány won his gold medal for Hungary here, only a few weeks after completion…