Family Holiday Home at Paloznak

8229 Paloznak, Boldog Apor Vilmos utca 3.

„The facade of a village is not that of the houses but of the village as a whole – the character of a village is rendered by its silhouette”

(Jánossy György)

The summer house is set in one of the prettiest streets of Paloznak, facing the vineyards with its back facade. An old cellar and some remaining stone walls were used to form the basis of the new biulding under a long new ridge-roof. The space between the stone walls is a light timber structure. This provides a homogenous building mass under the long roof, but structurally gives stress to the new parts. This new part houses the living room with direct contact to the garden via a new verandah and a kitchen and dining area facing the back yard.

The rugged stone walls and the light timber structure give a strong character to the house. The structural solutions and the spatial arrangement are definately contemporary, while the long ridge-roof, the open central area and the verandah together attempt to reshape the archetype of the rural „long-house” of the old ages.