Sun Palace Subdivision

1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 93-99.

We had the privilege to work together with Peter Reimholz (winner of Kossuth and Ybl architectural Prizes) on this large residental block. The block was built in two phases and houses 550 flats, a two storey underground car park and shops, a wellness centre and a restaurant on street level.

The main theme of the U-shaped layout was to provide views towards the Danube for as many flats as possible, while the large inner courtyard is still closed from the noise of the street by a free standing glass curtain-wall. Each staircase is surrounded with spacious, naturally lit atriums. The flats are designed to meet the general developer’s standards, however we were successful to persuade the developer to build larger than standard flats on the Danube-side.

A fragment of the former factory building was retained along the corner of Lajos and Nagyszombat streets. It now houses a restaurant and so called ’lofts’ ont he upper floors. Similarly an old factory tower and parts of the old facade have been preserved along the Danube-front, too.

The detailing and the use of many different motives along the three main facades helped to keep an intimate street-like appearance to the building despite its large volume.